Radio & broadcasting

Radio & Broadcasting.


  • We are also trainers and consultants  in broadcasting and radio – trading as JC Audio Box Productions.
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  •  Over thirty years experience in radio and broadcasting : programme making, presenting, training, radio & advertisement production, establishing of new radio stations, advertising and sales, broadcast IT and outside broadcasts with technical expertise.
  • We design, build and supply radio broadcasting and audio equipment for studios – on-air or recording/production studios, as well as stages, events, lighting, PA sound and internet streaming equipment.
  • Training for radio & TV presenters.  Presenting, interviews, Afrikaans language principles & pronunciation.
  • Opleiding vir Afrikaanse radio- en TV aanbieders.  Aanbieding, onderhoudvoering,  korrekte, suiwer Afrikaanse taalgebruik, uitspraak van woorde, ontronding & oorronding,  uitsaaitaal vs “straattaal”, programaanbieding en professionalisme.