Podcasts & Video

P O D : “Product On Demand” – Your clients listen to or watch your interview and get more information about your products and services – when they want toon demand.  The interview/s with your company and business are conducted by the best professionals, who have been in broadcasting for many years… in any language

An advertisement on radio and TV  is played at a certain time with a certain amount of repetitions.  If someone missed the ad,  they cannot recall or re-watch it.

With pod and video casting,  we record or film the interview or we produce an audio advertisement, of what you want to share with your clients and visitors to your website.

We can produce corporate videos and/or video advertisements, but these rates differ from the pod and video casting interviews and audio ads.

You place this production or a whole series/episodes of your services and products on your website.  Use it where and when you want to – at events,  presentations,  in Power Points, as an e mail, at launches and corporate functions.

By the click of a button a client listens/watches what your product is about.

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Audio Examples : 

Sepedi : Boikhutšo Funeral Policy

Afrikaans : Big Man Advertisement

Afrikaans : Crisis on Call Advertisement

Sepedi : Corporate Brochure for SASSA

Interview : Windpompfees

Animated video : Northern Sotho Language Course