Northern Sotho / Sepedi Classes for businesses

Isn’t it time in South Africa that we start learning the languages which are spoken the most ?  In Gauteng, Northern Sotho / Sepedi is one of those languages.  In Pretoria, Northern Sotho/Sepedi  is one of the main languages!

For businesses, corporations or even groups of people staying in the same neighbourhood or security complexes,  we offer weekly Sepedi language classes  at your venue.  It can be for three months and even a year.  Then one can really master the  language.  Learning material is supplied, homework given and test are written.  The best way to learn Sepedi.

Wêna o batla go nwa eng?    What would you like to drink?

Nna ke kgopêla kôfi.  I want some coffee please

Pômpa maotwana ka 2.2 bar. Ka kgopêlo.   Please pump the wheels 2.2 bar.

Hlwêkiša sebêšong mme fiêla mo!  Clean the braai and sweep here.

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