Northern Sotho / Sepedi Language Courses

  • Our new course commenced on Tuesday 6 March 2018 18:00 at Impact Radio.  If you still want to join, you can. Phakiša! (Hurry up.)
  • But, if you want to organise your own private course with at least ten people at you church, work, complex or neighbourhood, please send your request. Then you can attend the course at a special, huge discount.

Dumela.  (Greetings)

Wêna o kae?  (How are you?)

The Curriculum :

  • Greeting, basic questions, little conversations, the shop, garage, household terms and commands,
  • The language structure,
  • Basic vocabulary and
  • Sentences, commands and questions.


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Nna ke a leboga! (I am thankful / Thank you.)

Sepela gabotse! (Walk well!)

More info : Northern Sotho / Sepedi Course Info Genera