Radio and Advertising Productions

We been involved in broadcasting and radio for nearly thirty years—producing radio programmes, jingles, sound effects, music and up to 2000 advertisements.  We do work in all 11 official languages.  Our adverts are broadcast on the public broadcaster, commercial and community radio.  We use voice over artists across the country.  Kobus Rudolph trading as JC Audio Box Productions also make use of award winning production studios—from Pretoria, Bloemfontein to the West Coast.  JC Audio Box Productions is in Pretoria and we have thousands of sound effects and mood music, compiled and produced by the top producers from the international film and music industry.  Custom made jingles with tailor made music and lyrics are also available.

PrMouth and micoduction material is supplied in any format via e-mail, internet or electronically.

Workflow :

The client or agency supply the info/content for the radio ad.  Our scriptwriters prepare a concept script which is discussed, finalised and signed off by the client.

Production starts with the recording of the voice/s, selection and mixing of mood music and/or sound effects, to the final product.