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TRY THIS in Sepedi …  But if the Sepedi is too much for now –  when you need assistance at the shop/petrol garage / work… first stop.   Don’t rush in.

First ask  the cashiers/attendants in English how they are, what their names are.  Are they fine?  Then, and only then  ask for help.  See the difference! (Normally we just ask… “Where’s the milk?  Where can I find the popcorn?”)

Otherwise, try to greet them in Sepedi, and enjoy their reaction.

Dumela morêna/mme  (Hello sir or madam) Dhoe-mê-la  mô-rêê-na or m-mê.  (Long “m”, two syllables). Agee. (Hello…I hear you) A-gêê. (“g” as in Afr. “geld, geel, gogga”)
Wena o kae? (How are you?) Whêna oe  kai? Nna ke teng.(I am well) N-na kie têng. (Double “n” – 2 syllables)Le wêna o kae? (And how are you?) Lê whê-na oe kai?
Le nna ke teng.  (And I am also fine) Lê n-n-a(One long “n”) kie  têng.Ke a leboga. Kê a lê-boe-ga(Afr. “geel)